Reducing Emissions

We continuously reduce our energy use and emissions through energy reduction projects, equipment upgrades, process improvements and fuel switching.

GHG Emissions Reductions

Through continuous improvements in operations, equipment, energy efficiency and fuel diversity, we achieved significant company-wide reductions in Scope 1 and Scope 2 greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. We succeeded in reducing our emissions by 21.4% in 2020, exceeding our Vision 2020 goal. 

As part of our Vision 2030 goals to build a better future for people and the planet, we are committed to a Sustainable Operations goal to address the most significant planet risks. This goal reflects a renewed commitment to improve our footprint across our businesses, operations and value chain. We will manage climate-related risks to advance a low-carbon economy and to contribute to our planet’s decarbonization. We set an ambitious target to reduce our Scope 1, 2 and 3 GHG emissions by 35%, aligned with best-available climate science. 


Vision 2020 Goal

Achieved: 21.4% reduction in GHG emissions

Stated Goal: Reduce GHG emissions by 20% (direct and indirect)

NOX, SO2 and Other Air Emissions Reductions

Energy efficiency projects, fuel switching and increased regulatory requirements resulted in significant reductions of overall emissions from our operations. We exceeded our Vision 2020 goal of a 30 percent reduction in air emissions having have reduced SO2 by 54%, NOX by 29% and PM by 45% for an overall reduction of 42% from our 2010 baseline.

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Air Emissions
Restated in 2016

Vision 2020 Goal

Achieved: 42% reduction in air emissions

Stated Goal: Reduce air emissions (PM, SO2, NOX) by 30%